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Quran and Ethics:

Ms. Neveen Ahmad


Ms. Marwa Salah


Ms. Nadia Mahmoud


Ms. Reham Elghazaly

Character Building:

Ms. Nahla Hamzawy

Physical Education:

Mr. Zayad Farouk
Ms. Mai Mahmoud

School Rules & Regulations      download


School day starts at 7:30 AM and ends at 2:30 PM Sunday through Wednesday. On Thursday, school starts at 7:30 AM and ends at 1:10 PM.


Students are received from 7:20 AM till 8:15  AM through gate 2 (Sunday through Thursday). Side gates are closed at 8:15 AM. However, students arriving after 8:15 have to be escorted into the school building by a parent or a guardian through gate 1 ( Main Gate) and sign in the attendance register.


The school day ends at 2:30 PM (Sunday through Wednesday) and at 1:10 on Thursday. Students are to be collected by their parents or guardians through gate 2 using the student’s ID card. Students will be delegated individually, starting from 3:30 PM, by the school security members.


Students are expected to be at school on time. A tardy student won’t check in after 8:45. He/ She must be  accompanied by his/ her parent or a guardian through Gate 1( Main Gate). This ensures your child's safety and that he/she will not be marked LATE. Students are permitted to arrive late/ leave early only 3 times/ term.

Please note:It is disruptive to the child’s schedule, class, and teacher when children are habitually late to school.


Students’ early departures should be limited to only urgent situations. If a student has to leave early during the school day, parents should provide a written request with the time of departure or give us a phone call 2 hours before school dismissal.


Students are expected to attend regularly all through the year, because frequent absence affects both his/her academic standard and attitude.


All students must wear a complete set of school uniform to school every day. Please note that all uniform should be worn neatly, with Black sport shoes i.e. shoes without laces. Please, label all your child’s belongings, including his/her uniform.


Please make sure that there is always an extra outfit and underwear inside your child’s school bag.


Discipline is a set of rules and regulations that remind us of the proper code of behavior. Disciplining children is important to create a safe and healthy learning environment.  At ALI, We teach your child to be responsible for his/her actions. Our discipline tactics are not about controlling your child. Instead, we use discipline strategies that teach your child how to control him/herself.


Students must wait for their buses according to the provided specified time.

All students must stay in their seats. They are not allowed to roam around or stand.

The bus matron has the authority of assigning the seating plan.

Students are not allowed to switch buses unless a written request is submitted to the school administration and an approval letter is delivered back.


Home assignments improve your child's thinking and memory. It helps your child develop positive study skills and habits that will serve him/her well throughout life. Homework encourages your child to use time wisely. Your child will have not more than 20-25 minutes of work for all assignments.  You are requested to help your child give you a report on the material he/she has at school daily, and be aware of the items sent home with him/her.


Children are able to purchase items from the canteen at recess and lunch (Sunday to Thursday).  Pocket money is a great way to help children learn the basics of managing money. So, please give

 your child a reasonable amount of pocket money

( not more than 20 L.E), and  encourage him/her to select healthy items after checking the canteen list.

Doctor and Medical Procedures

The School physician takes immediate action in case of emergency, like injuries or accidents, that occurs on school premises. If the doctor feels that a student requires further medical care, the student’s parents are contacted. In extreme situations, students will be taken to the hospital and the parents are contacted as soon as possible. The school administration must be informed of any special medical needs. If medication is to be taken during school hours, the parent should provide the doctor with a letter describing the dosage and prescription of the medication.

If a child has any of the following symptoms, he or she will be sent home by his parent.

§ Diarrhea (more than once)   

§Severe coughing  

§Difficult, rapid breathing 

§consistently clear, dripping nose

§Yellowish skin or eyes     

§Temperature of over 38º C

§Lice, scabies or other parasites Stiff neck