About us

Al-Ghad Institute is an educational institution to build a Muslim generation capable of cultural communication by providing a distinctive religious education within an advanced educational and scientific framework. Therefore, our institute is the first of its kind in Egypt


What makes Al Ghad Al-Moshreq the best option?

1.Latest teaching methods

2.An experienced staff

3.Use the Smart Board

4.Laboratories equipped with the latest devices


vision Vision


The first step was the year 2000 in the firm belief that investing in human beings is a long-term investment whose results are not reflected in abstract mathematical figures, but rather as a cognitive creativity that stimulates the mind and promotes tendencies and human values ​​with the certainty that the need will remain for finding pioneering educational projects that benefit from superior international experiences and preserve the roots inherent in thought The Arab Muslim and his conscience all that with a firm Islamic faith


mission Mission


Care of the teaching of the Quran and its sciences, recitation and memorization and understanding and application.

Education the youth an Islamic education is intended to moral, intellectual and social development in light of the Islamic faith.

Providing youth with the necessary sciences, arts, and scientific training to keep abreast of the development on the basis of the firm Islamic faith.

Preparing the student for general life and acquiring scientific skills and preparing them for scientific studies in different educational stages.

Preparing the student to use his energy in creativity and benefit from his free time in a positive way.

Develop the skill of decision making to suit the student's abilities and tendencies and be able to scrutinize events and phenomena during decision-making.

Develop self-discipline and be prepared to bear the result of making decisions.

Develop self-criticism and tolerance with others

Dealing with others on the basis of brotherhood with respect, trust, cooperation, appreciation and attention